Youth Eco-Socialists Voter Education Fund: Media Release

The Youth Eco-Socialists Voter Education Fund (YES / VEF) has issued a media release wherein this outside 527 group has issued an “ultimatum” to the Chicago hedge fund, Citadel, LLC, an investment firm which is allegedly tightly linked to the Chicago, and Cook County, Illinois, political machine, and  

“…[YES / VEF] vows to expose the role of Citadel, LLC in ongoing corrupt  involvement in the ‘sewer politics’ of Chicago, and engaging in a systematic pattern of electoral irregularities and abuse, and voter suppression, with a view to EXCLUDE all candidates other than those of the two established parties, in violation of the federal Constitution, and the Civil Rights Act of 1965.”

“Furthermore, YES / VEF demands that the Illinois State Board of Elections (ISBE) place Jill Stein and Cheri Honkala on the Illiniois ballot as the presidential / vice-presidential candidates of the Green Party. ”



One Response to “Youth Eco-Socialists Voter Education Fund: Media Release”

  1. gracchusgreen Says:

    Note updates….

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