Short Review of Recent Green Party Electoral History

A short review of Green party electoral history in New York is in order, I think.

In 2006, and in 2010, Julia Willebrand, the Green Party NY State Comptroller candidate, was far and away the highest Green party vote-getter among Green party candidates for state-wide office.

Julia Willebrand received _________ votes in 2006, and ________  votes in 2010.

No other Green-enrolled Green party candidate has come even close to Julia Willebrand’s record vote totals; and Julia W was the first non-fusion third-party candidate for state-wide office since ________ to get over 100,000 votes.

Julia was not invited to speak at the Convention; was not given even a photo op at the press conference; was given no role in the Convention.  Nor was she even mentioned or acknowledged from the floor of the Convention.

[There is no need to take this personally, Ursula Rozum.  Those responsible for these “oversights” know who they are.]

I am surprised that Julia Willebrand has not spoken out about these matters herslef; however, I feel under no obligation to maintain a hypocritical or cowardly silence in the face of a mindless herd mentality that has nothing to do with conscience, and everything to do with ignorance, envy, and fear. [OK, Ignatz, go ahead, now–that’s your cue…Throw your brick-brats at the Krazy Kat!]

Putting such considerations aside for a moment, just looking at the amoral side of politics [Uh-oh. Here comes another brick. Quick…Duck and cover!] one would think that at least one of the organizers would have realized that excluding Julia Willebrand AND Howie hawkins AND the whole Asian community AND marginalizing the concerns of Blacks was a bit much, a bit over the top, even among the entries in the “Highly Impolitic–FAIL” category?!

Oh, and then there’s the Latino / Latina community the less said about that constituency the better, right.  Just too embarrassing,–for the Green party to think about. 

Let’s see then: Just how many skeletons are there in the Green party closet?


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